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Alessandro Keegan, Jeremy Olson, Chloe Sugden, Alison Blickel, Hipkiss, Dennis Rudolph, Peter Makela, Max Razdow



Paul Laffoley, Samuel Stoeltje, The Rammellzee, Max Razdow, Thom Donovan, Domenico Zindato, Alessandro Keegan, Brian Chidester, The High Llamas, Barry William Hale, Amy Hale



Elizabeth Insogna, Max Razdow, Emilie Trice, Alessandro Keegan, Janaka Stucky

About SAR

The goal of this journal is to present visual art and writing that we deem visionary, metaphysical, forward-thinking and deeply imaginative. Historically, artists working in the realms of imagination and seership have given the world great gifts, though their voices often go under appreciated in their lifetimes.  They elevate us from the mundane and the material, provide bridges to better futures and reveal dire warnings about the failings of our time.

This journal will inaugurate a new critical format fit for Speculative Art-making, with an eye toward revising the role of the artist who makes it.

The Speculative leaves one foot in age-old mystical spaces, and all practitioners hold candles to particular aspects of history while also ambling toward novel ways to understand their present reality.  In this journal one might find not only art criticism that references actual history, but art criticism that makes up its own history instead. One might find philosophies that are marginalized or nascent, spiritualties that are self-made and identities that blur into each other freely.

Our aim is to unravel institutional constraints on complexities of thought that verge on world-building, letting them escape the tribunal forces that are perched upon the shoulders of artists who dare venture into the wilderness of fantastical craft.


Submit Your Research

We are interested in the following sorts of texts:

…… Criticism: Critical writing from within or without the communities of speculative artists. Diatribes, future vision for art practice, society, etc.

…… Fiction: Along the lines of, but not fully limited to: science fiction, fantasy, poetry, magical realism, etc.

…… Inquiry: Artists writing about their own practice, interests, etc.

…… Manifesto: Proclamations about new ways to make or consider speculative art in the unfolding age.

…… History: Research into backwater aspects of art history or cultural history as it interacts with the speculative field.

…… Artwork Reviews: As opposed to exhibition reviews — in depth inspections of specific artworks; contemporary or historical.

We are interested in around 1000 words for art reviews and 4000-6000 words for essays. Preference will be given to shorter, more concise works. We currently have a “rolling deadline” meaning we are always looking and considering submissions. The target for SAR_03 is a late Summer release in 2019. If you are interested SAR reviewing a submission, please email us an abstract or description of what you’d like to write, or have written, via our contact page.


Alessandro Keegan & Max Razdow


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